for Alyssa please. We're leaving this afternoon for her check-up with the allergist tomorrow morning.

We're praying for her to have outgrown her egg allergy. Please join us in prayer if you think of it. Her appointment is tomorrow at 10:45 AM.

(and read the post below for some important info about vaccinations in NY state.)


  1. Ack! I didn't remember that you were leaving today. Saying prayers for safe travel and no egg allergies.

  2. I will be adding a more specific prayer for you guys in my list tonight. (I always pray for all of my friends, but it is good to have a specific request.)
    Also, I read that vaccine article and that is insane! I know that I do not have children yet, but I can't see how it is the goverment's job to tell me how to handle the health of any that I may have in the future. Grr! I e-mailed a protest letter that the site was offering.
    And I have to say, that the possible mandatory use of the HPV vaccine really disturbs me. Mainly because in general, from what I have been taught, most forms of that disease are only a real risk if the girl is sexually active. Ugh.
    Okay, that's my frustration vent for the day - I will be praying for you and Alyssa.


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