Two sides

My computer ...
- Take my advice and do a lot of research before you buy a computer. I love my laptop but there was not enough memory on it to properly run Vista. The slow speeds and the frozen screens I thought were my fault were really to be blamed on the computer.
- Thankfully, one of the guys Josh works with is a computer smartie, took pity on me and found a great memory upgrade for super cheap. And he's installing it for free.

June 27th ...
Josh and I are going away for the weekend. The last time we went away alone was .... um ... our honeymoon. Well we went to a wedding with Alyssa when she was an infant, does that count? But we haven't gone anywhere, alone, with no friends, kids or youth groups since our honeymoon almost 8 years ago. Yep, we're excited. My mom took time off work to come up here and take care of the girls and house. I'm hugely blessed.

Progress ...
There is a small room off our kitchen that leads to the backyard. It has always been a catch-all. It's also the only basement access, which has been full of more junk than I care to admit. Last weekend, we tackled it. All of us. Even Alyssa was carrying stuff outside. The transformation is unreal. There is ton of storage space, absolutely nothing on the floor and plenty of space for the canning I plan on doing. I'd still like to go through the holiday decorations and reorganize them. But for now - I am thrilled. Order is my friend. :-)


  1. WOW! Eight years,that's awesome! A weekend away with no children,even more awesome...not really ;)
    Congratulations to the both of you! I hope you have an awesome weekend together,I'm sure you will. Be blessed Josh and Jackie!

    P.S.Where are you guys going?


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