adventure pt. 2

The adventure is going to have to be put on hold for a bit.

I found a sewing machine on Freecycle that I wanted. But after much consideration and smart opinions by my two voices of reason - we realized it is probably too old and too big for me to learn on. I was a bit bummed but it probably is smarter for me to wait and get a better machine from the beginning. But after having thought all day about making stuff like this, I really want to get a machine now!

Today is grocery shopping day. Its raining, dark and muggy. I think I can cut down to only three stores today but still - running in and out of three stores with kids, bags and umbrella is just not that fun. Hopefully the weather clears soon.


  1. Oh, I can totally feel your pain with having the bug to MAKE something, and then having to wait!! Ugh! But those two were probably right. I learned on ancient, always breaking down machines, and it wasn't fun... nor could I ever turn things out very well. Having a machine that actually works has made me love sewing soooo much more. And I realized, hey, I'm actually kinda decent at this when my machine isn't eating up the fabric!


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