and on it goes

107. Trading. A bunch of too-small clothes traded for the size Lauren will need this fall. Diapers that are too small for ones that fit. The cost? Shipping. I love it.

108. Shasta daisies.

109. Plans with friends.

110. Libraries. Does anyone else love the library!?

111. Generous and excited relatives. It's pretty fun to be the person who gets to say "We're coming!" to people who really want to see your kids. :-)

112. Rain. It may put a damper on outdoor plans but it is turning my garden into a jungle of tomatoes and green beans.

113. Dishwashers, coffee pots, washing machines and all those other appliances we take for granted.


  1. Sorry to hear about your migraines. Sounds awful! I hope you'll be feeling 100 percent very soon.

    I finally got my packet info from the school and sent in my IHIP. I'm waiting for a reply of approval but I won't know until I get back from our vacation. Thanks for the help!!

  2. So glad you are coming and I yes, I really, really want to see your kids. I can't wait! Thanks for making an old fat grandmother, very very happy.

  3. I'm such a terrible friend at not getting back to you sooner. So Fridays work best for you guys? What do you have planned next Friday, the 1st?


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