and out.

I was taken out yesterday by a sinus attack that spiraled downward into a migraine. (But according to this article, maybe it was just a migraine all along!) The pain, dizziness, nausea were unending. Through most of the day I had no concept as to what time it was. My exhausted husband went into work for a few hours on Saturday morning and returned home to find me shivering and unable to move, curled up in bed. Thankfully, Lauren was sleeping and Lael took charge of the house and Alyssa with no problem. Today I'm feeling better but still not good by any means. Its just amazing how quickly these headaches come on. I only get 2 or 3 a year but they take me out for a couple of days. Not fun.

Even more not fun was that the package of diapers I'd been waiting for arrived right before I starting feeling sick. I had to wait until late this morning to wash, dry and try out folding prefolds. I think I got the hang of it pretty much and love how trim they are.

Our August calendar has filled up rather quickly. We will be going to Syracuse for my nephew's birthday party and Josh's parents are springing for a hotel so we can stay an extra night. It's been a long time since our last visit to Syracuse and I'm looking forward to it. (Okay I really like staying in hotels, too. Who doesn't!? You don't have to make the bed!) We will get to meet the new member of the family and catch up with everyone. Then the following weekend we will be heading out again. Alyssa has another appointment with her allergist on Monday August 11. We've decided to make it a long weekend and leave Friday evening to spend some time with my parents. And Josh has certainly earned a couple of days away in the mountains. Hopefully the weather cooperates and we can spend some time on the river and in Lake George.