a template I can be happy with. For a little while anyway!

Nothing new to report here. We're just puttering through summer just the way we should. My thoughts turn to fall quite often. Teaching two kids at once has me a little nervous, especially with my little climbing cutie running around. I still have to buy Lael's curriculum (hmm... I'd better get to that soon, huh!?) but thankfully I have enough here to patch together something for Alyssa.

I'm also branching out a bit with our cloth diapers. Soon I will add prefolds to our stock of flats and fitteds. Then I'm thinking about embellishing them or maybe dying them. We'll see how adventurous I get.


  1. I like the new look, very peacful.

  2. I like the new template, very you...

    If you're going to tye-dye we should make a craft day out of it and do shirts for the girls.

    My flower bed out front is done, take a look next time you cruise by! :D

  3. Thanks for posting the pictures of those beauitful girls.
    Your garden looks great. I hope you reap bushels of stuff. One year when I had a garden we had so mant tomatoes and zucchini that were were sauced and bread to death. My garden is coming but with out the ole cow manure its slow.
    Say hi to the girls and Josh.

  4. Ooo, I want to live at that house!


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