- The weekly snack has been changed. Oatmeal muffins have officially replaced granola bars. Fast and easy, but easily changed up with new ingredients. This week? Some flax seeds tossed in and then half a strawberry pressed down into the top right before baking. I like this recipe because she soaks the oats before cooking and it stood up well to rice milk (with a bit of vinegar tossed in to add some flavor) rather than buttermilk.

- I love drying clothes on the line.

And for any other bored housewives, a funny little quiz ...

As a 1930s wife, I am
Take the test!

And this isn't at all to say that I think I'm superior, at all! This quiz is hilarious. I had to read some of the questions more than once before I had any clue what they were talking about! Seams in hose?! Huh?! It's worth checking out. :-)


  1. I scored 70-- Superior. I think I lost points for things like wearing pajamas instead of a nightgown!

    Very, very funny!!!!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion...pretty good for my self-esteem I scored a 103. :)


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