I don't understand why people will pay more for something that is easily found to be cheaper elsewhere. In my web wanderings, I've tried to find the cheapest possible place to get Adventures for Lael. There are a few book lots on EBay that started off at a great price but they now cost more than the brand-new package from My Father's World. So why buy the EBay lot?! I just don't get it.


  1. some people lack common sense. :)

    i'm going to be gone pretty much the entire month of august (to NC) so maybe we could shoot for september???

  2. Cathie D. had told me that ebay generally doesn't have good deals on curriculum, so I haven't even bothered looking there. It is very weird! I guess some people just assume (without checking) that if it's on ebay, it must be a better deal???


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