... I've been shocked at how old Lael seems. Not that she's getting ready to move out or anything, but she is a big girl now. She has her own email address. She gets calls from friends, just to chat. She thinks over what she's going to wear for longer than I care to admit - especially if we're going to see friends. When did all of this happen?!

... I've been looking at the calendar and getting completely confused about what day it is. We've been home pretty much every day of July and I get a little lost. When I wake up in the morning, I have to really think about what day it is. Does that mean I'm getting old?

... I've been getting excited about our two weekend trips. It will be so nice to get out of the house and visit with grownups. :-)

... I've been researching the best ways to store food and cheapest places to buy in bulk. I'll be going back to pick up my order from the small Amish store a friend introduced me to. We didn't get tons of stuff but I'm looking forward to picking everything up.

... I've been realizing that after our travels are complete, it will be time to focus on school prep for fall. Supplies, books, re-organizing shelves, etc.

... I've been loving Lauren's little words. When she wants something she says "peese" and "mo?" She's getting so big!

... I hate to admit it, but I'm ready for the routine of fall and homeschooling. I'm looking forward (way forward!) to the holidays and being in our own little house to entertain family and friends. Summer seems very isolating this year and it can move along now.


  1. Can't wait until this weekend so 4 of my grandchildren will be together. Where is the Amish store up there? Did you ever try the North Country Store in Philadelphia. Lots of bulk stuff there. I could see by the pictures you were taking, Lael is getting very grown up. But the baby talking....... Well is my sweet Alyssa still a "fancy nancy" or has she changed to. Part of me looks forward to fall but part of me is enjoying the summer and fresh tomatoes from the garden.


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