I feel bogged down with all the little things today. Phone calls and budgets and car repairs. Bread to be baked and a menu to be made. Diapers to be washed and laundry to be put away. Figuring out which issue to work on with each daughter - although with Lauren it's an easy choice. Climbing. Preparing for winter's high heating costs. Dentist appointments and Summer Reading Program schedules.


But I am thankful also. This is my season. And these little girls who occupy my time are mine for just a moment in light of eternity.

101. Every morning, Lauren wakes up around 5:30 and Josh gets her out of her crib. She comes into bed with us and snuggles right up in between us. So most mornings the first thing I see when I open my eyes is Lauren snuggling up to Josh. It doesn't get much better than that!

102. Fresh, hot, strong coffee. Have I said that one before? Probably. But I really am thankful for it every. single. morning.

103. A level back room with new concrete footers and floorboards. Yep, I made Josh work on the house all weekend.

104. A fun Forth of July, complete with a fireworks show that was amazing.

105. Seeing work produce results. We've slowly worked on the yard for 6 years now. This is the first year that I love the way it looks. Its a great reminder that seeds take time to form into beautiful flowers.

(And new photos on my Flickr.)


  1. Great pix, thanks for the update. We worked around the house all weekend, too. Can't believe how big all of the girls are getting, I miss them so much.


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