- Hearing Josh's voice on the radio is the highpoint of our day. Have you heard his commercial for Cornerstone on the radio? It's really good. The girls love it. Okay.... I do too. :-)

- The bane of my existence is being tackled over the next few weeks. The back room will no longer be a catch-all mess. I'm painting it. We're carpeting it. I'm organizing it. And we're using it as our winter entrance. It will be a usable, practical space - a clean, neat pantry/mud room.

- There are free children's programs each Thursday at 2 PM at the Canton Presbyterian Church. Its through the Summer Reading Program and they all look like fun. :-)

- If anyone is interested, I'm selling 4 fitted diapers. They are girl patterns and on the small side of medium. They're my favorites and well used but still have lots of life in them. If you want pictures, leave me an email address. I'm asking $20 for all 4.