those darn fanatics

Looks like those crazy, anti-vaccine people are ruining the world again....

There's been a measles "outbreak."

{Take note that in the article, it clearly states that measles rarely causes death in children from developed nations. So is the problem parents who don't vaccinate or people who go overseas to undeveloped nations without being vaccinated? And why is it an outbreak?? 120 people in 15 states. Hm. So that's 8 people per state,on average. At that rate, anything could be an outbreak. 8 people?! In all of New York State?! That's hardly an outbreak.}

Children got sick (which apparently isn't supposed to happen any longer) and every single parent who has not vaccinated her child is to blame.

I'm hanging my head in shame. How dare we. (note sarcasm please. )



  1. what I would like to know is this, the people who got measles were they vaccinated already?

    Because we KNOW that kids in the schools get whooping cough recently all clearly were given the DTP vaccine prior to school entry.

    They make it sound like the unvaccinated British who got measles must mean those who are unvaccinated in the states were the ones who caught measles.

    And, might I also ask - how can an epidemic be caused if the bulk of the population has been vaccinated??

    Oh the $$$$ agenda. It makes me angry. :-PPPP

    :-) Getting off my soapbox now.

  2. It is frustrating, too, how the media portrays it. Some of the cases of measles were in Milwaukee, and though the news was diligent to report every case, and to say that measles can be deadly, they never once made mention of any of the affected people even requiring hospitalization, or of the fact that the very young child (less than 12 months) who contracted the disease was not even to the recommended age for vaccination yet (and that child got over it just fine)...they just focused on how irresponsible it was to not be vaccinated. Ugh.


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