124. A short, sweet visit with an old friend. She's the kind of friend that just walks in, picks up a kid and flows with whatever chaos is happening at that moment. She bends down to listen closely to Alyssa, notices Lael's cool sunglasses and she doesn't bat an eyelash a a dirty baby face that need to be wiped. And she's real and honest and well ... we all really like her. Have you met her? If not you should. She is fabulous.

125. Plans with a very dear friend. We're making her front yard pretty. The flowers I received from her a few years ago are now big enough to split again and share. So I'm sharing. And we are going to have fun arranging and planting.

126. Feeling planted.

127. Good curriculum deals!! I'll post more on this later in the week. But let me tell ya ... I did pretty good, if I don't say so myself.

128. A husband that decides to take on a large project during his only three-day weekend until Thanksgiving.

129. Perfect, perfect, perfect weather.

130. Random afternoon visits with neighbors. They just returned from spending a year out of the country and it was great fun to catch up and to share some of our garden bounty.


  1. What is his big project? the floors? What???????


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