the finds

I've found that my $6 32-oz. jar of coconut oil at Wal-mart isn't as healthy as the organic, sweet smelling oil found at health food stores. But its healthier than the shortening I had been using for baking. So its a good find for us.

I've found that unbleached all-purpose flour makes fluffier, better rising bread. Its not the fine ground whole wheat I'd been mixing with my freshly ground wheat but it tastes better to my family. And it still has to be healthier than the store bought wheat bread. So its a good find for us.

I've found that filing complaints really is worth the time and effort. After a very bad experience with a customer service agent, I complained to the company and the Better business Bureau. The company gave me a $50 gift certificate and a $50 credit on my debit card. What did I use all this free money on, you ask? A 3-in-1 printer. With the $50 gift card, it was $20 (with free shipping). I have a new printer on the way that we really needed and I still have $30 for the time ( a lot of time) I spent on the phone with customer service people. Now that is a good find!

I've found that the best deals on curriculum can be found on message boards and Yahoo groups. That's where you find parents who are just like you, trying to make some money back from their used curriculum but not looking to rip anyone off. Good find.


  1. Those are good finds, especially the printer. I have always told you girls, it pays to complain. I can not tell you how many free coupons and free stuff I got from complianing. Not that I make a habit of it but I do think we should get what we pay for. Good job, my dear!

  2. So I have some great curriculum to sell -- how do I find these groups?

  3. I would also be interested in some direction to the sites that would have good used curricula. And can coconut oil always be used instead of shortening? For the longest time, I have been avoiding recipes that use shortening (or substituting butter, which doesn't always work) because I don't want to use something that just seems so horribly, can the coconut oil be used in, say, a pie crust? That would be great!

  4. I ditto the coconut oil.

    Yay for your printer! What kind did you get and where did you get it?

  5. I think that you should post links to where you are finding message boards etc. I would also love to hear your thoughts on what curriculum you use! (I'm just starting to think about the fact that next year it will be time to get a bit more organized with learning around here!)


    ps- the photo at the top of your site is really making me miss the North Country!

  6. Jackie, I sent you an email on Thursday but I'm not sure I sent it to the right address. Did you get it? Liz

  7. @Lori: I've never had a problem substituting coconut oil for shortening, butter, or other oils. When you use it in place of oil, you heat it to melt it (but it doesn't "break down" the way other oils do in heat, so it's better for you). In its natural state, it's very shortening-like, so it works great like that, too.

    My favorite way to make pie crust is to use half butter and half coconut oil. I can't resist putting some butter in because it's just so good (and pie is dessert anyway!), but half works great and I assume that replacing all the oil/butter with coconut oil would work well, too.

  8. Thank you Bri. I'm not very educated on all the benefits of coconut oil yet bu I know its great in baking.

    And we're swimming through this whirlwind project right now but I'll try and post some info links next week.


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