the little blonde girl

- On Thursday evening, my dad called to talk with the girls. As Alyssa was chatting with him, she said "Papa, there's a motor home just like yours in front of our house!" Papa decided to take a short detour and spend the evening at our house. We went for ice cream and then the big girls left with Papa Friday afternoon for our weekend trip to his house.

- We've gone swimming, walking, fishing (Alyssa caught a fish!), to the arcade, shopping and hit our favorite ice cream shop (the only one that has sorbet for our little blonde girl). Lots of marshmallows and fire. And unfortunately a bit of rain. But its been fun.

But today is the day that I dread. We have to take Alyssa back to the allergist for more skin tests. She is being tested for environmental allergens in hopes that it will help us control her asthma. I'm thankful that Josh is coming this time. Lael and Lauren will stay home with Nana and Papa. The appointment isn't until 2:30 but I already have a knot in my stomach, knowing how painful and uncomfortable these tests are for my girl. Prayers are always appreciated. :-)


  1. I miss you all! I'm praying for quick testing and good results, definitive results. Call me when you get home and are caught up!

  2. I must say that one thing I've been thankful for with all the tests Aubrey goes through is that she doesn't know what's coming and she quickly forgets what happened. I can imagine that it must be much harder when you've got a little girl who knows how unpleasant all the testing will be. :( I will be praying for good results and continued peace for both you and Alyssa through the procedures.


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