So we've decided to take on a big project this weekend. It was a very last minute, "hey we could do that!" kind of choice. This weekend was supposed to be a lot of relaxing and a lot of just being together but we also knew this is our last chance to get house work done before the cold weather sets in.

We're refinishing our hardwood floors. Only two rooms have the original hardwood but they're the two rooms in the center of our house (dining room and school room). So after tomorrow and until probably Wednesday, we'll have to go out the front door and around the house to the side door to get from the living room to the kitchen. And the downstairs bathroom and laundry will be off limits. (Why didn't I think of that earlier?! How am I going to wash diapers??) We're also painting some shelves and creating a much more formal school room rather than the mishmash room it has been for the last 6 years.

The logistics of all this have Josh and I both a little edgy. What if the machine is an older, difficult to use model? Where is the dog going to sleep? Am I really going to have to walk outside and around to the kitchen to get coffee in the morning?! But we're very excited to see the finished product. Little things will work themselves out (like the laundry. I didn't even think about the laundry) and we will have taken a big chunk off our never-ending to do list.

The fun part of all this? We're moving our dining room table to the patio so we can eat outside all weekend. I am SO thankful the weather looks great. We will really need it!


  1. Tim refinished our hardwood floors in our kitchen a while ago. It was quite a project! Though he ended up using a random orbital sander on the edges and that made it much more difficult and time consuming than if we had rented an edger. He moved all of our appliances and even our cupboards into the dining room for 2 days. We had logistical issues, too, since our stairs are in the kitchen and not accessible any other way. So, we spent all day downstairs both days. It was an adventure. Good luck!

  2. When we think of taking on projects seldom do think of the logistics of what we are doing. On the flip side, think of how great the floors will look and the adventure of having the dining room on the patio will be for the girls. I hope that this is the boost your floors need, at least for a while. I thought we were coming up but I guess Dad talked with Josh this morning and he said he has it under control. (Like you need a few more bodies in the mix)


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