My blog seems pretty dead lately. I get that its summer and most people have much more going on that I do... but its really dead.

So I'm thinking of adding a weekly feature. A recipe of the week? Cleaning recipe or tip? Favorite product review? Any thoughts?

And the family update :

Lauren is just sweet. Her hair hangs down in her eyes but we don't want to cut it. She will shrug up her shoulders and turn on the biggest, toothy smile a 15 month old can muster when she's happy. Sometimes, she just stands next to me until I pick her up. Then she just snuggles in and sucks her thumb. And she hums. She eats with a spoon now. And she says "poon?" if I put food on her tray and neglect to put the spoon with it.

Alyssa is getting to be a big girl now. She plays with Lauren and entertains her perfectly. She started sounding out -at words the other day. She is learning some basic addition. But she hates being sprayed with the hose or sprinkler. She tries but always crumbles. She loves being a princess or a Laura and Mary girl as she calls it. She almost never complains about what she can't eat or about having to go for more skin tests next week. (And there will be a lot, as they're testing her for environmental allergies.)

Lael is changing. She isn't a little girl anymore but she isn't quite a big girl either. She can't keep an eye on the girls while I run to the store, although she would tell you should could. But she can watch them while I take a shower, she can clean the kitchen and load the dishwasher and outlast all of us with her boundless energy. Her reading has greatly improved, thanks to keeping these around the house. She is a leader with a creative bend. Right now, she's writing a play for her and Alyssa while directing it and starring in it. That's Lael.


  1. I always read your blog and just feel like I don't have time to comment. I have actually been wanting to try the homemade detergent you have been using, but I can't find fels naptha in Wal-mart or Target...did you find it somewhere else? Or would it be somewhere other than with laundry supplies? Anyway, I do also love finding new recipes and such so I like that idea, too.

  2. I love that idea. Did you ever read "rocks in my dryer" on Wed? On my Xanga site I have a friend, Sharon, who although she is a gramma too, I think you would enjoy her site, she makes her own detergents, has recipies, Bible verses, etc. (she is another conservative homemaker)
    Always love hearing about the girls. Is there anything they need or want for school? I should have taken you to educational wonderland when you were here, it is very close to where we were on Sat. night. Are they all set with the uniforms for Fri. school?
    One last request before I end this comment.....more pictures please!

  3. Hello,
    It's grammea(Helen) from PH.
    This is my first trip to your blog but let me say I plan on returning.
    If you enjoy blogging just keep on going and don't worry about anyone else.
    Your little ones sound adorable.
    I'd love some of your green cleaning recipes and I will check with older posts to see if they are already here.
    God bless,

  4. You now I'm all for more of your recipes! Foodie and otherwise. I'm almost out of Tide and will be making the homemade soap next week.

  5. Hmmm...though I do not comment often, I do try and keep up with your blog....I love hearing about the girls and your life in general...but if you wanted to add something, I would 2nd the ideas of more pics or recipes....I also like the idea of a favorite product review, especially if it is a cost saving product :)


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