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I'm sure if most people walked into allergy testing they would test positive to something. Alyssa had 50 skin tests yesterday. 50. It was a painful day but our girl was brave and strong. She was tested for some animals, several trees, pollens, molds, mites as well as her food allergies again.

The bad news:
She is allergic to dust mites, several kinds of molds and several kinds of pollens, as well as dog and cat. The mold and dust mite allergies are strong and we'll be taking some steps to lower her exposure to these things. She is also still highly allergic to peanut and cow's milk. We got the full results from her blood tests last month. On a scale of 0-500, Alyssa's cow's milk was a 36. Her egg white was a 41 and egg yolk an 8. Her peanut was over 500.

The good news:
Her allergies to the pollens, dog and cat are very minor. (We won't be getting rod of our Max puppy!) And perhaps the most exciting (and frustrating) moment of the day - the skin test for egg yolk and egg white was completely negative. Completely. Not even a red dot. But since her blood test was just last month and showed her to be strongly allergic, the doctor recommended continued avoidance. But she was completely baffled as to why the skin test was so strongly negative. Rather than waiting a year for another check-up as we've been doing for the last couple of years, she wants to see Alyssa back in 6 months. Hopefully she will re-do the skin test for egg then and we will see some progress.


  1. What a blessing that she tolerates the tests like she does. Wow, a chance she may be able to eat eggs one day soon. (an answer to prayer)Also, a blessing that the dog and cat allergies are not that bad.


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