As soon as we arrived home, I dropped everyone off and went to pick up the dog. When I walked back in the door, this is what I saw. Not only had Josh already cleared up the garden but he also ground me enough flour for today's bread. Yep. I'll keep him. :-)

We spent the day Saturday at this amazing campground. It was a blast. We fished, swam, walked around looking at the lake and spotting wild life. Then we headed home to Gabbi the dog and a big fire for roasting marshmallows.

Alyssa's big catch!

Lauren, drinking from Nana's water bottle and looking adorable.


  1. Welcome home! Your garden is doing SO well. Everything looks great.

  2. Have I mentioned recently how much I love you and your beautiful family? We MUST plan a get together before the crazy fall starts. Call me when you guys have a free night! Love you!

  3. What a bounty. I can only wish my garden was doing that well. I think you would do well to keep him. I think he is a lot like his father (and that is a GOOD thing) Glad you had such a good time. Love the pix of the girls. THANKS!

  4. I must say I am quite envious of your garden bounty. We are just hoping some of the seven tomatoes that have appeared on our two plants will make it to the ripe stage. Beyond that, we have some carrots that are showing some promise...nothing like your abundant harvest. Maybe you can share some of your gardening techniques sometime.


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