vinegar is my new best friend.

Why, you ask?

Well vinegar is one of the only solutions for a terrible problem.

Getting the skunk smell out of dog fur.

Yep. It happened again.

{For those who don't remember every detail of my strange life, about 3 years ago a skunk sprayed underneath our back room. The scent was pulled into our furnace and blown through the whole house. At 3 AM. I had to wash every thing - curtains, blankets, clothes, pillows, etc. - and spray the entire house with a mixture of vinegar, water and vanilla. It took days before our house (and our clothes. We stunk.) didn't smell bad.}

So at least this time, I was in the kitchen when I started to smell that horrid scent. Max was outside and I just knew he got sprayed. Because that is just the way things happen here. I looked up how to get rid of the smell just as Josh was really starting to notice it at the other end of the house. For inside, we put some coffee grinds into an empty pot and put it on the stove, cooked it until smoke started and then walked the smoking pot through the house. I felt like we were doing some kind of strange tribal coffee blessing or something. Josh kept up the tribal ritual and I moved onto the dog. Vinegar and Dawn dish soap. Lots of it. Outside. Being rinsed with the hose. At 9:30 PM. Just after the warm muggy air had blown over and it was cool and breezy. My poor dog and I were soaking wet and freezing. But Max stood there and let me rinse him over and over. Finally, I brought him in and dried him off. The scent seemed to be gone but I was too afraid to let him inside until we were sure. So Max slept in the back room with a dish full of burnt coffee grounds to absorb anything left of the scent.


But Max is inside now and doesn't smell any more. The girls all woke up and asked what the funny smell downstairs was. I'm just thankful we didn't let him in and that the smell in the house never got overbearing. Laundry needs to be done. Tomatos need to be processed. We need to run some errands. And coffee has never tasted so good.