First day down

Our house has become a busy place as of late. Friends passing through from the South and friends passing through town wanting to see the new floors. A fantastic night of speeches brought friends who are TV-less over to watch Mrs. Palin rock the house. And that was just yesterday! Since we've not had a lot of visitors over the last few years, we're a bit exhausted but in a good way.

We did our first day school and of Saxon phonics yesterday. I felt like I finally understood why other moms say homeschooling takes so long each day. I think it will be great for Alyssa. But up until now, Lael was a very independent learner. Not that I never instructed her but I would have to explain it and she was off to do the follow-up work on her own. Saxon is very time-consuming for me but I like it. It is extremely thorough.