Friday Find

So I'm in a bit of a tizzy today because my bushel of pears has arrived at an Amish farm and is waiting for me to come and pick it up. My kitchen island is overflowing with empty canning jars that will soon be full.

But anyway.
The Friday Find.

I found the best cleaner for that crusty stuff that gets stuck to the bottom of pots and pans. Borax. The same powder that makes great laundry soap and household cleaners. Sprinkle it into your crusty pan and scrub with a damp cloth. The Borax pull up all the crust without ruining your pots and pans.


  1. Nice! Just a week ago I was complaining about that crusty stuff. Good find!

    I was curious also about what you use for canning and preserving things. Do you do it the old fashioned way with a boiling pot of water or do you use a canning machine. I have seen some and am interested for next year which is when we will start our garden. What do you have/do?


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