Little blah-blahs

-*- I bought a new spelling curriculum for Lael. It's another used set and only cost $10 including shipping so I'm not feeling guilty. We love the grammar lessons recommended by MFW and we're switching to the spelling they recommend also. The expensive curriculum that we're using for phonics is just horrendous. We both hate it. And I just couldn't take another day of it. Thankfully I borrowed the teacher's manual and only purchased the student packet. It's still $26 I wasted but to save my sanity - I'll gladly waste it.

-*- Little pumpkins and gourds are now scattered around our little house. I'm still waiting for Indian corn to make my fall centerpiece but this slow wind-up to autumn decorating is nice. The weather hasn't quite decided what its doing yet. Its a little weird to have pumpkins everywhere when its 75 degrees outside.

-*- After a generous offer of child care for Lauren (rather than having her in the nursery at church), I was asked to lead the kindergarten class at Friday Program this year. I'm a little nervous but mostly excited. Alyssa is glad that I'll be her teacher. And I'm glad I'll be there to keep an eye on her at lunchtime.

-*- Lauren is talking up a storm and climbing out of whatever gates we block her in with. It makes school time pretty interesting but we're managing. She is one funny kid.

-*- I really dislike the amount of traffic in our little town. It's just crazy. But sometimes, just for a brief minute, I'll be outside when there is a moment of no traffic as the Amish buggies are heading home from selling their wares. The sound of clip-clopping hooves on pavement is so much more relaxing than mack trucks.