Monday catch-up

But its Tuesday. Sheesh. Its going to take me all week to figure this out.

First, there are lots of pictures of the finished rooms on my Flickr.

Okay now to catch up with some answers. For used curriculum, I have found a little searching usually yields some worthy fruit. I bought $245 worth of curriculum for $172, including shipping. That was on Diaper Swappers - a great site for info about cloth diapers plus lots of the moms sell clothes and other kid related things for great prices. This is also the place where I got a large box of brand name clothing for Lauren for $15. If you aren't interested in cloth diapers at all, I'm not sure joining would be worth your time. There are lots of other places to look for books. Here are some I found:

Veg Source - an old favorite.

HomeSchool Book Swap
- very busy site, check often

Used Homeschool Curriculum
- never checked this one, but looks legit.

Homeschool Classified - Love this board, as its very organized and easy to find what you want.

Homeschool Helper
Yahoo group - allows only For Sale or Wanted To Buy posts.

Bob Jones Yahoo Group - for selling and buying used Bob Jones books.

A Beka Yahoo Group - selling and buying

Sonlight Yahoo group - selling and buying, as well as support and info from other parents

My Father's World curriculum swap - buying and selling only

Whew! There are a lot of resources out there! It just takes a little time but you really can find good deals on used curriculum.

As for coconut oil, I don't claim to be any sort of an expert. Like Brietta said, coconut oil can be used in place of butter. At this point, its all I use for baking. It bakes up better than the Alyssa-safe margarine and is much healthier than Crisco. In biscuits, breads, granola bars, tortillas, muffins, etc. any time a recipe calls for butter, oil or shortening I substitute coconut oil of the same amount. Here is some info about its health benefits.

We're starting some review today and taking advantage of this gorgeous weather to spend one more afternoon at the beach with friends. First I have quite a list of tasks to complete so I am off! Enjoy this first week of September. :-)


  1. It looks AWESOME! Is that the bookcase from the dining room painted white? It looks great! The school room looks huge. I love it!

  2. The floor and rooms look amazing! So clean and put together!

  3. I was looking to sell some curriculum and stumbled across Homeschool Classified. I posted my curriculum and within hours had 4 responses. The stuff was gone quickly, and I was quite happy!

  4. Floors look fantastic. I love the painted furniture! What a great job of organizing and simplifying in the school room. Did you and Lael ever get to the garage? Start school yet?


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