Another good article on Sarah Palin, debunking some of the rumors that are flying around the Internet.

And as a follow-up comment to my anonymous poster -
I wasn't raised in a Christian home but I was a youth leader for quite a few years. I can firmly say that no matter how wonderfully a parent has raised their child, that child still have to make their own choices. I think if we're honest with ourselves we all know at least one good Christian family who has gone through a similar issue. What did you think of the parents in that situation? Did you write them off as unfit? I didn't. I saw them as parents, trying their hardest to raise Godly kids in a very ungodly world. I think the Palin's are doing what any Christian, loving parent would do - loving and supporting their daughter who has chosen life for the next generation.


  1. Chris and I were talking about this presidential race lastnight. We really like her and think it was wise of McCain to choose her. It's really revived the McCain campaign and brought flavor to it. I didn't know if it was even worth voting but now I'm excited, Go McCain/Palin!!

  2. Oops..I was the anonymous poster...completely an accident. Sorry about that.

  3. Also, in regard to the parenting question, I know that children do have to make their own choices, but at the same time, I think parents can (and should!) make it very difficult for a child that is still under their roof to be able to get pregnant. I think that a mother who works a full-time job, whose husband is gone for months at a time, and has a nanny for her children is sacrificing some precious time to influence her children for the Lord, in favor of pursuing her own ambitions. I understand that she does bring her children with her to work when possible, but her attention is nonetheless required to be on her job much of the time. I guess I haven't read or heard anything that, to me, sets her apart from other socially conservative politicians. I am not intending to pass judgment on her faith, but I guess I don't see biblical backing for the path she has chosen. The only woman who clearly worked outside the home in the Bible was Deborah, and that was only because there were no men willing/ qualified to fill the position, and Deborah acknowledged that. As an American, I honestly do not like the idea of a woman being second in command of our nation (and third, as the case would then be). I'm sure I could continue on, but as this comment is already quite long, I will leave it at that. I will reiterate, though, that I would prefer her (and McCain) to the alternative.


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