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I've begun the cheesecake baking extravaganza. When all is said and done, there will be 7 varieties. S E V E N. My goodness I hope I don't get confused.

Now the big question .... should I have whipped topping available or just believe that the cheesecake stands well on its own?

Pride tells me my cheesecakes are pretty darn good and don't need whipped topping.

Smarts tell me most people probably like whipped topping.

The clock tells me I don't have time to make a huge batch of whipped topping from scratch.

So what would you do?


  1. Well, my absolute favorite cheesecake (as of now-- I've never had yours!) is from The Cheesecake Factory. One of the things I love is that there is always a large dollop of REAL whipped cream on top. But then, I love real whipped cream. Probably more than I love most any other dessert in the world.

    So my vote is for some real whipped cream, though I'm sure it will be delicious either way!

  2. I was going to say that I think cheesecake is good on its own, but obviously, there are different preferences :). I wish I knew of some trick for whipping cream quickly, but any time I have tried whipping more than a pint at a time, it has not worked out for me. But, if you have a stand mixer that could do the whipping while you do other tasks, you might be able to get a large batch done (in a series of small batches) without a huge time investment. Not much of an idea, but I am sure your cheesecakes will taste wonderful either way.

  3. Actually, a Bosch mixer can handle fairly large amounts at one time. Would be glad to lend mine. Or pass the task off on someone else. I might be able to volunteer, although my minutes are even being counted by me at this juncture as I prepare to be gone from this busy, large home for a month or so. So I will sort that promise out and get back to you.

    Or, you could purchase several of those "whipped cream bombs" as we used to call them when I was a little girl. Not as good as homemade (in my humble opinion) but definitely a close second.

    And I use whipped cream only on something like chocolate or pumpkin cheesecakes. Otherwise, I like them plain myself. Obviously, Brietta was spoiled by the whipped cream factor by her dear dad! ;)

  4. Mmmm. I don't have two cents to offer. I just wish I was wherever those cheesecakes are headed!

  5. My opinion is that cheesecake doesn't need whipped cream. I think that it is amazing by itself!


  6. Your cheesecake can definitely stand by itself. You make amazing cheesecake, best I have ever tasted!


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