a day in the life

These are photos from the last few days. I'll try to get them in some sort of order.

On Sunday morning, Lael made these menus for us. It was so sweet!

And the inside - a listing of our creamer flavors plus apple juice for Alyssa.

Lael playing on her LeapPad while waiting for Alyssa to wake up on Monday. Please ignore the dirty socks. I just realized they were in the photo. Sheesh. Don't I ever clean this place?!

Lauren waiting for breakfast...

Then I realized my jars were almost empty... I went down into the basement to fill them. But you can't see my basement. Because its a basement. And that's just embarrassing.

And that I had to make bread. Grinding began. More grinding. And then soaking. It's just bread though so we'll skip that.

Breakfast was in there somewhere. Then we started school..

Lunch was in there too.
While Lauren was napping, we made play-dough and the girls made ornaments. We baked them and will paint them in the next few days.

Then Lauren woke up from her nap. I love this photo. She always trys to take her shirt off when she wakes up. I haven't figured out why yet.

There's always lots of this.

And i also chopped the last of the parsley. It had been residing, roots and all, in a Tupperware behind the sink.

And that's about it. We're pretty boring. :-)


  1. It's about the same around here but I enjoyed reading about your lovely life! The best life is the simple life! Keep up the good work!

  2. Every time I see a picture of your grinder, all I can think is how cool it is. I mean, I'm sure it's more work than the electric ones (like I have) but it sure looks cooler. :)

  3. Jackie-we have the same countertops! I just noticed. Oh, and i have a grinder like that. It was my grandmothers. Where did you get yours? It's is specifically for flour because mine is mostly used to grind meats and pickles, etc. I wonder if I can grind flour with it?!


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