a deal!

With the weather forecast looking a bit snowy, I decided it was time to pull out the winter boots. Sigh. Despite Lael's insistence that her boots from last year still fit, this morning's fitting proved Mom right. The boots are much too small. And Alyssa's boots (hand-me-downs from Lael) have a giant gaping hole in the toes. Thank goodness its only October! We have plenty of time to get new boots. Last year's boots may have to work for awhile but when we get ready to buy new ones I want to know I found the best deal.

After checking some prices I was surprised to find that Lands' End winter boots are cheaper than Payless winter boots. Shocked is probably a better description. Considering that Lands' End boots have no goofy characters or embellishments their boots are a much better deal. And if sign up for the Lands' End e-newsletter you can bet on getting a free shipping code pretty quickly.

It's so nice when the lowest price equals the best quality.


  1. I am heading to Sears this morning . I will check out the prices there. It might be easier to just get them at the store.

  2. I don't know how you do it. You ALWAYS manage to find the greatest deals.
    Anyhow, R.Jay is going with me to the ultrasound and labwork tomorrow in Potsdam, so we'll probably just take Annabelle with us and he'll watch her. Thanks SOOO much for the offer though!

  3. You are one thrifty shopper! :)

    As for the previous post....most of the lyrics in songs by Reba McEntire (sp?) are fairly safe....you may want to check her out if you enjoy country. :)

    In Christian music....I LOVE Casting Crowns. :)


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