The Friday Find

Borax is my new favorite thing. Stains I can't get out of clothing? Toss it into the washer on soak cycle with some Borax - gone. Stinky diapers not coming perfectly clean? Soak them in Borax before running a normal wash. Fresh. Cutting the grease off our stove after making homemade poppers (terrible I know but they're so good!) for my hubby? All-purpose cleaner made with ... you guessed it! .... Borax. Greasy pans, crusty dishes, stinky stains in the car - Borax. I love it. It's making my life a lot easier!


Last night I agreed to make the cheesecakes for our church's annual members dinner. Thank goodness the calendar for next week was pretty empty to begin with because its certainly full now! It looks like 8 cheesecakes will ensure that everyone will get a slice. Now to decide what kinds to make... graham cracker or brownie crust, plain (for the traditionalist, of course), chocolate, chocolate swirl, strawberry swirl (or do I just slice fresh strawberries and arrange them on top?!) ... decisions, decisions.