funny girl

Lael walked into the kitchen and found my Kitchenaid mixing away. When I told her that I'm using an easier (but equally delicious) recipe today to make our bread (instead of the recipe that requires 15-20 minutes of hand kneading and 3 rises) she replies ....

"What?? You aren't kneading it? That's cheating. It won't taste good if you don't hand knead it for at least 5 minutes!"

These girls of mine definitely have minds of their own!


  1. I tend to have that attitude about using only a mixer as well. And, because my wrists bother me when I knead dough, it just means I don't end up making bread very often :). I think I'm on the verge of getting past my dislike of "gadgets", though, which will make for time savings in a number of areas.


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