I am ...

... feeling quiet.

... enjoying my leaf-covered driveway. The leaves are so vibrant this year.

... happy I got all the baking done yesterday.

... happier that a friend is loaning me a food mill to help me turn our bushel of apples into jars of applesauce.

... so thankful for all the work we were able to do around the house in the last six months.

... pondering politics and how the results of this election will impact the country.

... thinking about costume choices for the Christmas musical.

... deciding on a craft for the Friday Program kindergartners. This week's lesson is on joy. I think it needs to be a noisy one. I'm thinking tambourines. Sorry parents! :-)

... realizing its time to start our day.


  1. hey- my appointment is next friday afternoon. are you guys going to be around?

  2. Your fall pics are adorable!!

  3. my appointment is at 1:45 so I wouldn't be rolling back through Canton until at least 3, I'm assuming. If you'll be around, we'll stop in to say hi! I meant to ask you... I know you use some book program that allows you to order books and have them delivered to your local library. Could you tell me how I would go about that?
    Thanks friend!


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