I like music. When I find something or someone that I really like, I tend to get it a rut. Jennifer Knapp is still on my MP3 player - even Hold Me Now. Does that give some of you a hint as to how long I've been in that rut?!

So I'm on the hunt for new music. I like country music but my daughters memorize lyrics almost instantly it seems. We've had to stop listening to the radio (except for a little Sean, Rush and Laura each day of course). Hearing the girls hum songs about whiskey and guns one too many times has made me realize afresh that we need to tighten up the music choices around here.

What do I like now? Sarah Groves. Jennifer Knapp. Chris Tomlin. etc...

If Sarah McLaughlin and Jewel would get saved - I'd be set for life. Until then... help me out! Tell me your favorite musician and why I should try them out.


  1. I think you might like Jill Phillips. Her song "I Am" is one of my absolute favorite songs right now (and for the past year, actually...).

    I like Jason Morant quite a bit, too. He took me a little getting used to, but now I find myself listening to him quite a bit.

    I don't like all of David Crowder's stuff, but if you buy any songs individually (like from iTune$), I highly recommend "Oh The Glory Of It All." It's amazing.

  2. You are my joy by David Crowder is awesome-heard them at Battle Cry. Another Battle Cry Favorite is Unhindered. You need to get Unhindered!!! This group is so annointed I love them. I'm in a rut with them. We enjoy Newsboys-favorite albumns include Devotion, Go, and Adoration.
    Josh Groban gets played a lot around here. Classical Guitar cd's from Scott B. Adams come highly recommended from us-check him out at I was just on that site this morning. I met him at the cider mill craft fair. A great musician and he does many traditional hymns. Very relaxing-no singing-just music! He's got Christmas albumns too! Everything else we listen to is basically off various worship cd's. But the above artist are my favorites!! (You asked!)


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