I was tagged awhile ago and had forgotten about it until now. Here goes. I'll try to come up with different random facts than I've used in past taggings.

1. I love the changing of the seasons even though it usually aggravates my sinuses. The excitement of a new season outweighs the pain and pressure in my head.

{oi, this is hard.}

2. I love coffee (probably more than I should) andhate hot tea. But iced tea is my favorite cold drink.

3. Green is my favorite color. Not hunter green (I don't like that one) I only like the nice earthy greens. But I own nothing in that color.

4. I am terrible at dressing myself. Because of this, I only wear solids - usually a tee shirt and a solid color sweater with a pair of jeans. If I'm really trying to looks spiffy, I'll wear khakis or my one pair of nice pants. They're black. What did you expect, right? They match everything!

5. I feel completely inept as a home decorator. If you see something nice in my house, most likely I stole the idea from some one else or Josh did it.

6. I love to sing but hate singing in front of people. This makes my role as a choir director this semester at Friday Program a bit stretching.

7. When I was a little girl, the only Barbie dolls I liked were Barbie and the Rockers. I had all the dolls, the stage and a carrying case. My mom found the entire set perfectly preserved in her barn. Now my girls are playing with them. Its a little weird!