131. My girls are doing a puzzle together at the table. They sound so cute, just talking to each other and figuring out where the pieces go.

132. Hubby is taking a nap. This blesses me because he needs it so badly.

133. Watching our vision come to fruition. Fruits and veggies canned, bulk grains bought/ordered. I am so blessed to see how God has rewarded our work.

134. An opportunity to try my hand at an old idea. At one point, I wanted to bake and sell cheesecakes as a side business. The church hiring me to make the 8 cakes next week is a great way to see if it is something I could ever manage time wise. And some extra money is always a blessing, right?

135. A morning drive through Amish country to pick up some of our orders.

136. Watching Alyssa talk to an Amish man as he admired our cute Lauren.

137. Pumpkins on my front steps.

Its a good weekend. :-)


  1. No one can make cheesecake like you can! No wonder they asked you to make them. They were a hit the last time you did.
    I harvested the remainder of our little garden this afternoon.


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