Don't let a mother's right to choose infringe upon a baby's right to live. Google the Babies Born Alive Act. Read about it. Don't just think that you know because you watch MSNBC. Thank GOD this law was passed. But Mr. Obama did not support the Babies Born Alive Act.

Its a baby.
Its breathing, on a surgeon's table.
Its wiggling, looking for warmth and nourishment.

According to Mr. Obama, the doctor should just let it - not it, a BABY - die on the table. Its a product of termination. Not a baby.

Do you really think so?
Can you really support someone who thinks a breathing, wiggling baby is not worthy of the right to live, to be cared for, to receive basic medical attention?
Do you really think that's right??
Read this.
Understand who you are voting for.