- I haven't been happy with my bread lately. Later today I'm going to try and adapt a recipe I love to my freshly-ground-and-soaked wheat and coconut oil preferences. If I'm smart, I'll remember to take photos to show you.

- Freezing cubes of fresh herbs is a great way to preserve them. Just warn your husband before he opens the freezer to find ice trays full of green things. Its a little startling.

- The Friday Find is going to be put on hold for a bit until I get used to our new routine.

- I'm still working on my 1000 Gifts. Often I forget to post it here. #138 is definitely my latest purchase. We now own a snow blower. Its used (but we all know I'm too cheap to buy new - especially at these prices!) and we have a friend who is going to tune it up for us. No more shoveling. Yay!

- I'd like to see these lined up on my counter each morning, filled with cold water and ready to go. Two of these and three of these, to be exact. They're BPA free. And mighty cute, don't you think?


  1. I bought one of these for each family member for Christmas. I even bought one for myself and gave it to Daniel to give to me. :) He and I are getting the 27oz size; the kids are getting the 12oz size (with the sport cap, except Aubrey who is getting the sippy cup converter, too). I'm so excited to have something chemical-free in our house!

    I'd thought about getting the BPA-free nalgenes, too, but I guess I'm kind of skeptical about plastic and what they'll discover next about it these days... I shouldn't be so cynical. :)


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