It's coming, people. We can't live in denial forever.

Today my hubby decided to winterize. After an evening trip to the home improvement store, he got to work this morning.

Windows sealed up.
New door installed in the back room. (well its really an old door reworked into a new hole)
Lots of spray foam squirted into all the little holes that seem to multiply each year. Such is life in an old house, I guess.
More raking to still be done but the snow shovel is out just in case. You never know up here.

For my part, I cleaned up and stored away all my canning supplies. It was a great harvest for us this year. I canned strawberry jam, pickled jalapenos, pickles, salsa, crushed tomatos, sliced peaches, sliced pears and applesauce. The freezer is packed with sliced strawberries, green beans, diced green peppers and sliced jalapenos. We've got our order of potatos tucked away and now I'm awaiting my last bulk order to arrive.

And I went to our local consignment shop. Today's finds? A winter coat and a pair of mittens for Lauren in excellent condition. Matching gloves and hat for Lael. Matching gloves, hat and scarf for Alyssa. Total - $17. I love that place!


  1. I made chicken pot pie for dinner tonight and instead of doing the traditional pie crusts, I did the biscuit topping you recommend. Yum! We all loved it and it was much, much simpler.


    P.S. I really need to get to my gardens and cut everything back... but I'm procrastinating. :) It's good to be reminded that winter is coming!


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