138. My little blondie girl turned 5 this past Friday. She enjoyed the evening at our church's Hallelujah party and then had a couple of friends over for cake on Saturday. Very low-key. Very fun for my birthday girl. Very thankful mom.

139. The Word of God. One of the church elders led us in a prayer for the election yesterday. He was very clear to pray for God's Will to be done. My first thought was that of course God's Will would be for John McCain to win. But then this section of Scripture came to mind. It doesn't apply directly to the election but it made me wonder if now is the time for our country to be given over to its own desires - greed, selfishness, god-hating, baby-killing - in order to see the error in its ways. And I felt peace. Even if that does happen, God is still on the throne. My daughters are still in His hands. And His Peace passes all understanding. Wednesday morning- no matter what the outcome - I will still have peace.

140. All the leaves are down off the trees. That means we can rake for one last time and be done with it!

141. It's November. Does anyone else just love November? I do. A whole month to focus on thankfulness, family and blessings. Love it.

142. Our 4H group is doing a food drive for needy families this Thanksgiving. I'm blessed to know that my girls will gain a better understanding at just how fortunate they are. (And if anyone would like to donate to our food drive, contact me! We need donations!!)

143. Little piles of snow still scattered through town. I'm sure they will melt in the next day or so but I fully enjoyed our little blast of winter.

144. The return of autumn this week - brisk air, crunchy leaves and rosy cheeks on happy girls.

145. Sundays. After a great morning at church, I puttered around all day, getting little chores done and then sitting with hubby or talking with the girls. No pressure to get certain chores done because everything I was doing was just to get me ahead this week. Its still baking day but at least the laundry is caught up already and the science experiments have vacated the refrigerator.

And with that I'm off to start our day!


  1. I love November, too. Not too cold, and lots of anticipation for the upcoming holidays, but still not stressful as December tends to get for me. I am, however, thankful that we have not had any snow yet here.


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