good things

Lauren is standing on a chair next to me, talking up a storm. I love figuring out her little words and meanings. And in case you didn't know it, she's kind of adorable too.

We just returned from some errands where I was met with decent prices at the stores, easy-to-grab information for our food drive and obedient daughters following me happily. It can't get much better than that!

Now its snowing, my big girls are relaxing while watching a Christmas movie and I have a plethora of choices for dinner tonight. The beans I soaked for chili don't sound as good as the ham I found on sale at the grocery store. Thanks to this article, I'm going to freeze the beans and get moving on that ham!

We've started a weekly game night. With some birthday money, Alyssa purchased Sorry. I can't say that the trend towards electronic board games thrills me but the discounted prices on the old favorites definitely does!