I bought this book several weeks ago.

Our fantastic church secretary and administrator found a few copies online somewhere and purchased them for the woman's small group I attend. (We meet four times a year and have a book study.)

I've heard great things about it but haven't even opened it yet besides seeing that there is some sort of signature on the title page.

Has anyone read it and want to share your favorite thing about First We Have Coffee to get me moving?


  1. Totally warm fuzzies kind of book -- interesting story of the power of home and family, of a mother's love. We have been reading it aloud in our book group here at my house.

    I love history when told and experienced through a life story. This book provides a peek into an era gone by. Recognizing the qualities a woman can bring to her home that transcend time and place was the practical application for me (as I often do when studying history, I try to glean the enduring principles exhibited in that particular juncture of human experience.)

    At any rate, it is a quick read and very enjoyable!

    (Took a break and now are reading a bio of Ruth Bell Graham.)


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