-- It's raining out. I was hoping for a little snow to be on the ground when we woke up. Thanksgiving is in two short days. That means the day after Thanksgiving is in three days. No, I'm not talking about the crazy bargain hunting day. For us the day after Thanksgiving is exciting because of this. It is the beginning of the holiday season for us - Santa pulled into town by a big white horse, caroling in the park, watching the big trees light up for the season. It's magical.

-- My hubby worked for 18 hours yesterday. I'm so thankful that he gets some time off at the end of the week.

-- I decided that it was okay if I took a break. I'm not going to feel like a sell-out because I'm buying bread for a week. I'm not going to feel guilty for buying one package of disposable diapers. One week of a little less work to do will hopefully give me some fresh energy to start up again next week.

-- Our 4H food drive is over. We were able to bless 9 families with large boxes of food including a turkey, butter, fresh potatoes, stuffing, pie ingredients and all the fixings for a perfect Thanksgiving dinner. I pray that the families are all blessed by it and that all the 4H families were blessed also. I know we were.


  1. That is fantastic....9 families. Exciting! I am sure they were blessed but don't you feel blessed for doing it? Santa on a white horse, wow. I am sure the girls, OK maybe not Lael so much, but Alyssa for sure, are excited about that. Take your camera! Sorry we won't get to see you on Thanksgiving. As far as Josh working 18 hrs, it runs in the family, Dad and Susan have a very strong work ethic. Enjoy the holiday and kiss the girls for me.

  2. Wow, I agree with you Jackie...don't feel guilty at all! I buy all our bread and only make it from scratch when I feel like it or for special meals. It's just too expensive to make it from scratch (at least the honey wheat kind we like compared to walmart wheat bread!) Not to mention a lot of work! One thing I've discovered is while all those things are good...resting in Him is better and spending more time with my kids is more worth it. Relax and enjoy...I know God will renew your strength! Have a great holiday!


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