it ends.

The last of the gifts has been opened. All the extended family has gone home.

Christmas 2008 has ended.

It was full, fantastic, wonderful and exciting. Everyone got everything on their Christmas lists and spent plenty of time with family and friends. It's time to take the leaf out of the dining room table and put away the festive linens. Now we find places for new toys and figure out new gadgets. The tree will remain for one more day but I'm slowly taking down decorations.

Now we prepare for the long winter. I'm thinking about reorganizing some of our furniture after the tree is removed. We'll see how it unfolds.

It was a great Christmas. Low-key New Year's celebrations are planned. We're slowly winding down to a normal schedule.


  1. Where are the pictures of Christmas? Glad everyone enjoyed it and ya'll got everything on your list (and more I am sure)

  2. @Linda - I'm a terrible mother and have not a single photo. Our camcorder froze on Christmas morning and we got so wrapped up in playing with everything I forgot to grab the camera.

  3. You are definitely NOT a terrible mother. I would have loved to have seen pictures. Hey I took pictures and posted them and they are not good at all. :-)


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