All the Christmas decor has been packed away for another year. It was a little sad to see it all go after such a great Christmas but I like rearranging things.

And rearranging I am!

Nothing too drastic but we're moving chairs around and re-thinking how we use our space. Right now, we have two desks set up in the room with all the bookshelves for the girls' school time. I think we're going to do away with the desks. The girls enjoy doing school work together either at the dining room table or (on lazier days) on the living room floor. Plus, it would be nice to have a space for sitting to read, play games or chat with visitors where there was no television.

That is the plan for today. We'll need to clean out the toy closet and purge older items that are no longer used to make room for new toys. Organize the school supplies that are in the desks onto the book shelves and bins already in the room. Clean the chair that's been in the basement for way too long. yaddayaddayadda.

This also leaves me space upstairs for one of my Christmas presents to be set up. My sewing machine. It's still in the box because I have no idea how to use it. At. All. But I'm determined to learn.

So on with the reorganizing. I think the only thing we'll be missing are side tables. I want small ones - just big enough for a reading lamp and a cup of coffee. Off to to some searching before the work begins...


  1. Have you ever sewed anything? I would start with something easy, like a pillow. Not too hard. : ) Curtains are pretty easy too. There are lots of instructions on the web. I have been sewing doll clothes lately from a pattern. Lots of fun, and easy, since they are small. And, pretty soon you won't need someone else to hem your pants, you'll be able to do it yourself!

  2. Oh, and I love rearranging too. I am itching to do it, but trying to keep things the way they are a little longer... I am thinking about turning our couch, but should wait till we aren't using the fireplace. I need some other random small pieces of furniture too, but haven't had time to do some thrift store searching. I am wondering when garage sale season starts in Virginia.... : )


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