A little update but nonetheless ...

There is nothing new going on here. No good spiritual insight to share. No big family news. No good deals or time saving tips to pass along.

We're just living our little lives in our little town.

Lauren will be two years old in a few months. That is unreal to me.
Alyssa is excited about her first concert and her clip-clop shoes. They're shiny. That makes her happy.
Lael is nervous but excited to be in her first little musical.
Josh is working a lot and although its a stressful job, he loves it. We're thankful.
I'm trying to enjoy every bit of this holiday season. We have a full (but not too full) calendar. The house is completely decked out and looks good. Sugar cookie dough is chilling in the fridge and the candles are lit.

I hope you are all enjoying your December as much as we're enjoying ours.