Wrap up

I had such a great time yesterday.

It wasn't just that I didn't have to worry about diapers and correction and wiping noses and breaking up arguments for a full day. It was me remembering that being a good mom means that sometimes you need to get away. I'm not weak because I needed a day away from my kids. I'm normal.

As for bargains, I found aplenty. Many of the things I bought were on sale and the things that weren't were the prices we budgeted for. I also discovered Burlingotn Coat Factory. Wow. I'm sure I would lose Alyssa in their rows ans rows of dresses! I came home with a trunk full of bags. And because I'm very aware of how much certain family members like to peek at gifts - everything is wrapped except the clothes. (I had no gift boxes.) Now all that is left are a few gifts that had to be purchased locally and some stocking stuffers. I am so happy!

Its all hidden away except for one present for each person. And after Lauren joyfully ripped one of those open, I may put everything away until Christmas. Thankfully, no one saw what was inside the present she ripped!


  1. I couldn't agree more with the wonders of what a little time away from the kids can do! It definitely is needed and important I have to say. I'm glad you are able to do that too... and know that it's OKAY!

    Good for you you're all wrapped up! I LOVE seeing presents wrapped and ready. So pretty and self-rewarding too (that it's done!)


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