158. Finding old friends. I spent two summers as a camp counselor way back when and made some amazing connections with the young women who were my charges. We've been in touch on and off for the last nine years. Just last week I was driving somewhere and thinking/praying when two of those camp friends came to mind. I told myself that I'd go home and find them on Facebook, but you know how that goes. It slipped my mind. Last night they both found me and got in touch. I was so excited and blessed.

159. Okay my dryer is broken and that stinks. But do you know how nice it is to walk back in the house after a laundromat run and have every single thing clean, dry and folded? No waiting. One day of doing wash and then about 40 minutes at the laundromat. Done. I'm dealing pretty well with it. :-)

160. New friends. I seem to be quite the busy bee already this month and it is fantastic. It's not always comfortable for me to step out of my comfort zone to meet new people but God always blesses it.

161. Rekindled relationships with old friends. I know that I'm not going to be best buddies with every person I meet or that I've had friendships with in the past. But some old friendships are building slowly and that is such a blessing to me. It's nice to spend time with people who know you already.

162. Lauren likes to walk around singing in her little toddler voice and mismatched words. It is so sweet. She usually has a baby doll of some sort (right now its a stuffed dog) in her arms. I love watching her little personality develop. She is such a blessing to me, as are all my daughters.


  1. Thanks for your encouragement. We do still want to move, but we decided that we don't want to move in winter. Renting hasn't really been much of a thought (admittedly, less of one for me than for Tim) because our neighborhood is not the greatest and I worry what would happen to our property if we weren't here to "watch" it. At the moment, we plan to re-list, possibly by-owner, in the spring, which will give us time to finish up projects, too(I hope). I keep thinking that God must have some great life lessons for us at the end of this season, though I get discouraged and wonder what He's doing sometimes, too. It is really encouraging to know that someone is praying for us. Thanks.

  2. Sewing area looks great. I absolutely LOVE the picture of the prairie girls. Too cute!!!!


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