I am really enjoying my new coffee pot. It has a delay brew setting and a regular or strong setting. That's enough buttons on a coffee pot for me.

I am not being very consistent about my water consumption with all this good coffee around. Its my goal for the week to get back to drinking at least two bottles of water.

I am freshly challenged in my child-training.

I am not naive as to how hard it will be although totally worth it.

I am cold. Although all the improvements we made through the spring and summer have helped (especially insulating the walls), nothing can combat these frigid temperatures.

I am occasionally thinking about summer barbecues with friends, mowing the lawn, trimming my flowers and watching the girls ride their bikes up and down the street like a cute little parade.

I am not rushing it though. Winter is a great time to buckle down and get indoor work done. We're plowing through our school work, planning for projects around the house and enjoying Sunday afternoon football games.

I am taking a chunk of time this morning and planning the rest of the CFA field trips. After getting the okay from Pastor Mike, there will be emails sent around! They are going to be fun!

I am not stressing about the CFA Science Fair. Its in less than two weeks and I haven't really made any plans for it. Why no stress? Because this is one of our science books this year. We're going to made a display containing a bunch of the little experiments that fill each page. Our subject will be "The Air Around Us." Sounds easy enough, right?