the results

I didn't need any dental work. Even though its been 10+ years since my last cleaning, I only had two minor cavities that don't need to be filled. I do have two impacted wisdom teeth but that wasn't the source of my pain, according to the very nice dentist.

He told me to get to a physician because I probably had a pretty severe sinus infection.

So I drove across town to my usually-very-busy doctor's office and begged to be seen. Thirty minutes later, I was talking to my doctor's husband. He is another doctor in the practice and one of the oddest men I've ever met. After a quick exam he said "Out of 100 people I would see who think they have a sinus infection only 2 really have one. You are the one of that two that I would really encourage strongly to take antibiotics." Huh.

So after a long stop at WM to fill my prescription (we walked in 5 minutes after they closed the pharmacy for lunch) we are home and tired.

And I will never self-diagnose again.


  1. My friend had the opposite problem. A week of intense pain for a "sinus infection." And the next thing I knew she had a tooth pulled because of a severe abcess. Don't take your self diagnosis failure to hard. That's why we have the professionals with their fancy x-ray machines.


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