I'm always aware in some part of my brain that God is caring and amazing. It's in there. But then sometimes He makes His care for us so apparent that it just blows me away. I've wanted to have a small group meeting for mothers with young children for some time now. Last week, pieces and people fell into place pretty much over night for such a group to form. I am so excited. There is a great bunch of ladies who are supporting and working with me. It is going to be a very encouraging and fun group.

My dryer is fixed. Loyalty pays off. We've used the same appliance repair man for quite awhile now. He is thorough, reasonable and quick. And he only charged me for an hour of labor when he was here for almost two. Gotta love that!

I have to wonderful problem of not being able to fit anything else in my freezer. Nothing. It is packed to the top. I mistakenly pulled the ice trays out from the bottom last week and hadn't been able to get them back in since. This is bad because I love ice. But today I was able to rearrange things and get 4 ice trays into the freezer. (You know my life is mundane when I'm blogging about ice trays. Sheesh.)

I made 2 table runners this afternoon. They are super easy to make - not to mention cheap! When I get batteries in my camera there will be photos on my craft Flickr.

The leftover chili is smelling just about done and my little monkeys are picking at the fresh-from-the-oven trays of granola. Guess that means I should go!


  1. I want to see these table runners! I just made one, but I'm having trouble with the binding. The top looks great - I just cant get it sewn together right. I've ripped it apart twice already. Grrh.

  2. Eager to see the table runners. Where did you get the material? This must mean you also got more thread. Kudos on finishing 2 and starting your group. A full freezer seems like it would be the thing to have the economy being what it is. Besides, freezers work better when full.


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