I'm one of those people who gets overly emotional and transparent when tired. If I'm cranky, you'll know it. If I'm feeling happy, I'm giddy.

Today is one of those days. I probably shouldn't even be blogging for fear of saying something I normally wouldn't. But here is a run down of the last few days.

* My dad had a cardiac catheterization to try and figure out what caused his chest pains. The doctor says there is evidence of a clogged artery but that somehow other arteries took over and cleared it out. I say that a lot of people were praying and God hears us. Keeping praying, if you would. My dad is really trying to quit smoking but after 40+ years its difficult.

* Alyssa's allergies have not changed. Her doctor thinks we should wait a year before doing more testing. Disappointing but at least there was nothing new.

* My dear hubby and his dad laid new carpet in our living room today. That makes me happy.

* People with really well-behaved children intimidate me. The Lord and my husband are working with me on this one. I constantly feel like I'm messing up with my kids. Not fun and not what God wants for me.

* After a week of just managing around the mess, our house is clean. There is still a mountain of laundry to tackle but its one step at a time.

* I like watching House Hunters.


  1. Jackie,
    Thank you so much for the bread you sent me via your mom. It was delicious. I really can tell the difference. Now I need to decide weather to get a grinder for myself.

  2. I get intimidated by people with really well-behaved children, too...particularly if the family is not Christian...I feel like a big failure, cause I know that I mess up so much...but that's why we need God, right? I tell myself that God knew I would mess up, and that gives me hope that I haven't done irreparable damage. And besides, I can't see into anyone else's home life, so I really can't envy the "perfection" on the outside, since I don't know whether it comes at a price. Anyway, I understand...


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